For those of you who sat on the fence wondering about ticket price for Drags Benny at the Fairmont in Edmonton, I think I can safely say on behalf of those of us who jumped over that fence for a seat, that watching six trussed and spackled drag queens whip their hair, perform cartwheels in six-inch platform stilettos, do the splits and shake their booties while we sipped on mimosas and ate Eggs Benny in the gorgeous Empire ballroom on March 30 was definitely worth the $70-$85 price of admission.

John-Benet RamsMe, aka, JBR

This event was the third of its kind hosted by Dan Clapson, co-founder of the Canadian food and drink news website, Eat North.  The first drag brunch took place in Calgary, the second in Winnipeg. Those were both in 2018.

The shows have been so well received that three more are in the works: “Southern Pride Chicken”, a nighttime event in Vancouver on April 12, and two brunches, one in Victoria on April 25, and the other in Saskatoon on May 5.

Ivy League was an outstanding Mistress of Ceremonies at the Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton. Hard to believe she is only 21 years old. That girl is a natural.

Ivy League

If you watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race, you’ll know of Laila McQueen from Chicago. Laila was the headline performer and it was such a treat to watch her routines. The makeup, the costume, the choreography. She killed it.


It’s hard to capture a moving Queen. They’re fast!

Laila wasn’t the only bright light though. Props to JBR, Crème Brûlée, Perla Coddington, Angelina Starchild and Ivy League who completed the lineup with all the ga-ga, glitter and glam you could imagine.

L to R: Angelina Starchild, JBR, Ivy League, Creme Brulee.

It was a lively brunch, to say the least, with ribald dialogue and, uhm, “energetic” dance moves.

JBR, is that you?

Angelina Starchild

Ivy League getting creative with how to handle the outpouring of tips from the crowd.

I cannot understand how these queens move the way they do in stilettos. This was pure entertainment, folks, and a great way to do brunch with friends.

Please spread the word about the upcoming Eat North drag events in Vancouver, Victoria and Saskatoon, and remember, proceeds in part go to support Canadian Pride initiatives in Victoria and Saskatoon, and Qmunity in Vancouver.

Tickets for Vancouver’s Southern Pride Chicken are available through Juke’s Fried Chicken, and tickets for Victoria and Saskatoon are available through Eventbrite.

For more pictures, check the hashtag #dragsbenny on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.