I woke up this  morning thinking how lucky I am.

That’s not a bad way to start the day.

10 hours ago I was dancing up a storm and twerking (or trying to) with gay men at a house party. My hips are sore – a testament to how lousy I was at it and how hard I tried to master it. I never did get the hang of it, but boy, did I ever laugh while trying.

I know I sang my heart out because my voice is hoarse and a good octave lower than normal.

Yesterday, I hung out with friends while watching the Pride parade. I ate good food and drank beer made specifically for the event by a local brewery. I watched people march and laugh and dance and feel free to be themselves—which should be a given, but it’s actually a very precious thing. That freedom is something a lot of people take for granted and something that many people don’t have the privilege of knowing.

I drank champagne with my best guy pal on a rooftop patio and looked out over a beautiful city that I am so happy to call home. I couldn’t possibly count all of my blessings. Realizing that humbled me.

I woke up knowing that I am privileged to have people who care for me; who have my back; who are as happy to have me in their lives as I am to have them in mine; people who I can call on when I feel the nipping at my heels by whatever (metaphorical) monster decides to do battle with me that day or that week.

I know I have people to reassure me that things will be okay. I know I can crater into someone’s safety net if I need to. Just knowing that is the most valuable thing in the world.

We all need a safety net at some point. We all need to know someone’s got our back…so, be that someone.

Be there for a friend in need. Be the reason they wake up in the morning feeling lucky and thankful.

And know that it’s no trouble. You are not a bother. Friends will always be there for you, no matter how bad a dancer you are, or how heavy you think your load is.

Be someone’s reason that they wake up grateful…even if it’s just for waking up.