I was pretty excited to hear that Dave Manna (the owner of Rosso Pizzeria) was opening his second restaurant, Bianco, in the Rice Howard Way area near Edmonton Centre. I’m a big fan of Rosso. Love those wood-fired pizzas!

Bianco opened this past spring, so they’ve had about seven months to find their groove. I reviewed them on January 10, 2020. My two experiences had some hits and definitely some misses. I talked to Dave about them and he assures me things are looking up. I hope so because come summer, I’m going to be the first person on that gorgeous patio every Friday afternoon!

Read the web article here, or listen to me dish about Bianco with Mark Connolly on Edmonton A.M.

Aperol cocktails and Bianco’s interior.

Beef brisket with polenta and seasonal vegetables.

1. chickpea and arugula salad 2. beef carpaccio 3. spaghetti pomodora with amore per la carne pizza