August 4th is Food Day Canada—a day to recognize and celebrate the rich culinary bounty this country affords us.

Considering we all eat, and considering we live in one of the most geographically and culturally diverse countries in the world, it’s surprising that we don’t celebrate Food Day Canada once a month.

Some of you might be hearing about Food Day Canada for the first time. If that’s the case, the following paragraphs from the foundation lays it out nice and simple:

Fifteen years ago in 2003, our borders were closed to Canadian beef.  It may have been an economic disaster, but it was not a culinary one.  In response, The World’s Longest Barbecue was born: Canadians rallied, went to their grills, and barbecued Canadian beef to show their support. According to one spokesperson for Canada Beef, this event “saved the industry.” Over the years, many renowned Canadian chefs have joined the annual party, renamed Food Day Canada / Journée des terroirs, which is a national celebration of local food (always celebrated on the August long weekend).

This year, on August 4th with our chefs’ community and producers across Canada, we will celebrate Food Day Canada’s 15th year anniversary by lighting the most recognizable – and tallest – beacon in the Western Hemisphere, Toronto’s glorious CN Tower.

Today we face similar, perhaps even graver challenges. As Dr. Owen Roberts, the President of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, states: “Our food system is under fire. No matter how the politics plays out nationally or globally, this is a time for fierce loyalty and coordinated action.”

So rather than lament, we challenge all Canadians to have a party and honour our own ingredients, with one simple goal, culinary sovereignty.

From sea to shining sea, we have much to celebrate.

Celebrate our beef producers!

Support our fishing industry and our celebrate our beautiful clean waters.

What: Canada’s food community is coming together to declare Food Day Canada/ Journée des terroirs, as Canada’s Local Food Day.  Cook like a Canadian. Eat like a Canadian. Shop like a Canadian.

Who: Anyone and everyone; chefs, home cooks, farmers, fishers, writers, ranchers…anyone who loves Canadian ingredients.

Where: Anywhere and everywhere in Canada!  Backyard BBQs, picnics, dine in, dine out.  Enjoy Canadian-grown, Canadian-made food.

Our pork producers, cured meat artisans and sausage-makers work hard to bring you world-class foods.

When: All Day Long on Saturday August 4th, 2018

You can find all this information and more on the website:

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We all eat! Let’s make sure we use Canadian made/grown foods and support restaurants who do the same. Check out Food Day Canada’s website for links to those producers and restaurants and for some great information on labels and what it really means to be “Made in Canada”.

So, grab some friends, grab some Canadian-made/raised/grown food, and celebrate our farmers, growers, fisherpeople, bakers, brewers, orchardists, winemakers, ranchers, beekeepers, foragers, chefs, salumists, cheese-makers, et al, and raise a glass, stein or mug to this nation.

Canada also grows good food people!