It’s nearing the end of November — otherwise known as Stage 4 Barbecuing and tonight we’re cooking some gorgeous striploins. It snowed yesterday, but no big deal; Canadians never let a little snow bar the path to their outdoor grills.

This summer, I received  a set of soapstone grilling stones from Maxine Zdebiak of Grilling and Chilling Soapstone Company (formerly known as Brazilian Ice).

Grilling Stone IMG_5440_Fotor

The stones can be used to grill by heating them on your barbecue and using the hot surface to cook the food, or to chill (frozen cubes for drinks or trays for presenting food). The chilling is straightforward and a cool way (yeah, that’s a pun all right) to keep your drinks or food cold, but it was the grilling stone that got my attention.

Our barbecue works hard. It is the one cooking method that we probably use the most, so either this stone was going to be life changing, or it was going to get thrown in the big brown box where all other gadgets go to die.

Simply put: the stone lives. Oh, it lives, and how! I have never used anything so fantastic on my grill. Need proof?

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What I like about the stones is that they maintain a high, consistent heat. Our stones clocked in at 520 Fahrenheit before we put the chicken on. You need bone in, skin on thighs. The cooking process is simple: sprinkle with salt and pepper, put skin side down for 10 minutes. Don’t peek. Flip and cook for 5 more minutes. You may have to adjust here and there depending on the thickness of the thighs you get, but that’s our fool-proof method, in a nutshell.

The ability to withstand high temperatures means you get a beautiful crust on whatever it is you’re cooking. The stones handle steak like a pro.
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Duck? Check this out:

Grilling Stones duck IMG_5450_Fotor

Even fish – like this perfectly seared tuna:

Tuna IMG_4615_Fotor

Now, when we grill, we always put the proteins on the stones.  No more meat sticking to grates, no more uneven cooking, no flare ups, just beautiful, perfectly cooked food every single time.

If you’re looking for a great gift for the barbecuer in your life, consider these wonderful stones. Add Ted Reader’s Gastro Grilling and see how this renowned chef uses the stones to grill up his award-winning creations.

Chef Ted Reader's Steak and Potatoes_Fotor (Photo credit:

Chef Ted Reader’s Steak and Potatoes  (Photo credit:

Happy grilling!