Despite three unsatisfactory experiences (save for a couple of dishes being “okay”), I feel Jang has the potential to be so much better. The chef loves being creative, and that’s good, but just like bigger is not always better, more steps/ingredients/manipulation in food does not always make a better tasting dish.

You can read about my experience on the CBC website, or listen to the audio file here.

Kimchi Croquettes

“Sizzling hot ika” (squid) appetizer.

Gyu (beef) ramen

Bento box with spicy pork shoulder and gyoza.

Torching the Red Dragon roll.

The finished Red Dragon roll.

Bulgogi spaghettini in truffle mushroom sauce.

Bone in beef short rib with pineapple salsa and mashed potatoes.

Jang is located at 11212 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton.