There is something about fried chicken that speaks to our sentimental cores: warm kitchens, lazy Sundays, and sunny back yards with picnic tables overloaded with food.

Northern ChickenFor most of our lives, the U.S.A.’s Kentucky Fried Chicken was cock of the walk. Canadian company, Mary Brown’s, opened their first store in 1969 and now has over 120 franchises across the country; lately, here in Edmonton, people are so pumped about Popeye’s that they’re lining up for half an hour to get their Bonafide™ bird bits.

In Edmonton, Coco Deep Fried Chicken,  Seoul Fried Chicken and It’ Dog are the independent fried chicken joints that get the most talk, but now its time to dish about the newest player, Northern Chickena Matt Phillips/Andrew Cowan venture at 10704 – 124 Street.

How does it rate? Read my CBC article, or listen to my review on Edmonton AM to find out.

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