Anyone close to me around July has come to expect my mumblings and grumblings about having to do the legwork of finding good food at Taste of Edmonton—and by good food, I mean food that’s not high calorie or just plain yucky. Oh, I know people love this annual event, and that it brings thousands of people to the square, but what it usually means for me is that I get to spend money on a lot of food I take one bite of and throw away.

There you have it…the ugly underbelly of a food critic’s job: not all food consumed is good food.

Whining aside, this year I had an easier time than usual only because I quickly found three very good offerings, albeit all fried options, but they easily stood out against the host of others. Lighter offerings do exist, but you have to hunt for them, and the ones I found were items I’ve talked about or tried in previous years. This year, I needed fresh meat (as it were).

Curious about who made the cut? I’ll give you a hint: chicken, vegetarian and pork.  Read the web article here.

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