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Who is Twyla Campbell?

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Meet Twyla – writer, adventurer, storyteller

I was born in Saskatchewan, raised on a farm and spent many a summer roaming the Okanagan while visiting grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and eventually my parents who moved to Kelowna in 1986.

A thirst for reading and the encouragement from three fantastic high school teachers inspired me to become a writer. While enrolled in the Communications program at MacEwan University, I started blogging about food and travel which led me to the gig at CBC doing restaurant reviews. Around that time, I also landed my first magazine article in Edmonton’s City Palate (now The Tomato). It was a story about travelling to the eastern Arctic, eating SPAM, and coming home to cook a dinner of caribou and muskox for 50 people in my house.


Since then, I’ve travelled through Canada’s far north to interview and write about surviving Inuit of forced relocations and I’ve gone to Colombia to document the stories of Indigenous peoples’ conflict with mining corporations. In 2016, I co-contributed to the story, “To Kill an Indian” which appeared in the book, In This Together: Fifteen Stories of Truth and Reconciliation and in 2018, published my first book, Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup: the inspiring life of Chef Gail Hall.

I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of Eat Local, a print magazine dedicated to building community while telling the stories of the businesses and people who make our food and drink scene so vibrant.  I’m excited about what we have in store for readers!  You can find free copies of the magazine in cafes, markets and restaurants all over Edmonton. Click the “Where to Find” tab on Eat Local’s website. 

I’ve written a lot of words over the years. They’ve appeared in research papers, blogposts, travel articles and food reviews. I’ve put them on web pages, in corporate brochures and company policy manuals, and a finger-cramping whack of them went into two books…and I am happy to say, I’m nowhere near done.

Need a writer to tell your story? Contact me at twylacampbell@gmail.com