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I am a lover of the back roads, a worldwide wanderer, CBC Edmonton AM’s Restaurant Reviewer and newly appointed Editor-in-Chief at Eat Local Magazine.

I am also a member of Slow Food, an oenophile, an epicurean explorer and a freelance writer whose works have appeared in several magazines, websites, and newspapers. This is a place for stories, reviews, recipes and adventures. I hope you enjoy it!

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Fox Burger – CBC Review

Fox Burger – CBC Review

Fox Burger is putting out the type of burgers you think about for days after. Why? What's so special about these burgers? If you know how Nate Box rolls (with food), you won't be surprised as to why I think these burgers are the bomb. Read my web article for all the...

A New Year, A New Role

A New Year, A New Role

Yesterday, on various social media platforms, the founder of Eat Local Magazine, Heather Muse, announced that I would be joining her and her talented team. I'll be taking on the role of editor, and I couldn't be more thrilled! From Heather: ✨Growth✨ Over the last year...

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