It’s no secret I love Battista’s Calzones. I stumbled upon this little shop on the corner of 118 Ave and 84 Street in Edmonton a few days after they opened nearly a year ago and now, the savoury, ooey-gooey, pillowy soft buns bursting with Italian goodness are one of the few foods I actually crave on a regular basis.

I just returned from Europe and on day three in Paris, surrounded by gourmet foods and breads so fresh they’d make a call girl blush, my step-son plaintively moaned how he’d kill for a Battista Calzone. I completely understood.

Chicken Pesto Calzone
My first posting about Battista’s can be found here, but on a recent visit, I was thrilled to taste two new calzones: one packed with pesto chicken and cheese, the other with nutella and strawberries. Now I have two more reasons to return. Battista’s has become my culinary crack.
Nutella and strawberries – a winning combination
Battista is the kind of guy who engages his customers. He loves them, he’s happy to see them, and he actually listens to them. He will ask his customers about their family and he remembers their names. He is proud of his product, and he should be.
Battista and his daughter whippin’ up calzones

Now Battista has the help of a prominent Edmonton food writer/blogger/Tweeter by the name of Liv Vors who not only works there Thursdays to Saturday, but also spends her days and nights dreaming up new flavour combinations. On Saturdays, a special Flavour of the Day is released to the hungry masses.

Liv handling the lunch crowd
The menu is small and uncomplicated but the calzones are a thing of beauty. Go once, and you’ll be hooked.

I spoke about my latest visit to Battista’s with Mark Harvey on CBC. You can listen to my review here. To keep up with what’s happening at Battista’s, follow them on Twitter @BattistaCalzone.