Corso 32 is yet another exciting restaurant to recently open in Edmonton. What’s going on? The Marc, MRKT, Bistro La Persaud. Could our new civic identity be Food City? Butchers, bakers, cheese makers…I’m liking what’s happening around town lately.

Daniel Costa, the young chef and mastermind behind Corso 32, is doing things right at this swanky little joint on Jasper Ave and 103 street. Four of us went on a Sunday night and dug in.

I love Daniel’s food philosophy: fresh quality ingredients in simply prepared dishes. With his Italian background and culinary talent, I’m thinking the future looks good for Corso 32.

I didn’t take many pictures. The lighting is extremely dim in the restaurant and I have yet to figure out my available light feature on my new camera so so I’ll let you peruse the sites of other food bloggers who dared to flash (or know how to use the right settings on their cameras).

The starters: Arancini – five crispy, creamy, delectable little nuggets of risotto, cheese and ham; a great plate to share if you can release these from your grasp;crispy beef short rib terrine – a pile of succulent beef topped with salad greens and pear slices; bresaola topped with peppery arugula, pine nuts, drizzled with olive oil; velvety goat cheese ricotta served with garlicky crostinis. Viva L’Italia!

And the mains: I am thrilled that there is finally a place in town that has a Master of Pasta in the kitchen. The pappardelle with beef ragu was sinful; the king-sized ravioli stuffed with potato and baccalau and topped with fried sage was melt-in-your-mouth tender. I’ve always been a fan of the slow cooked meats offered at Jack’s Grill in Lendrum. No one could braise or slow cook like Peter Jackson and his staff, and Daniel Costa, who worked at Jack’s Grill for a time, obviously picked up on this skill. Daniel offers a slow roasted pork shoulder that was fall-apart gorgeous. The only glitch in the meal was the 48 hour chuck flat steak, prepared by the Sous Vide method. It was overdone on our night, but I have seen pictures of it from other bloggers and I think our steak was a one-off. Still, the meat was flavourful and still surprisingly tender. 

The restaurant is small and from what I’ve heard, packed every night. If you plan on getting a table, you’ll need reservations. My CBC Edmonton AM restaurant review with Kim Trynacity is posted here and for more pictures and write ups from my fellow food musers, click on the links below:

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