The Dirtbag Café has been up and running for about 18 months, but I only found it a few weeks ago while riding on the bike path behind MacEwan University. Through a bank of windows, I spied Edison bulbs and people with laptops and coffee cups sitting at a long wooden counter. I chained up my ride and went inside.

The café is part of a climbing gym called Rock Jungle Boulders. The set up makes good sense: people go climb things and then grab a kale smoothie or other nutritious offerings made (largely) with organic ingredients.

Speaking of organic, it describes the space, too: massive wooden trusses, plants, picnic tables, hanging lights, fabric curtains—not on windows, but on various walls to cover various design issues. The whole thing reminded me of somewhere on Vancouver Island or Fernie or Canmore: grassroots with a manageable dose of hipster. 

I appreciated that the menu was small and that they supported local producers and used an respectable amount of organic product. The proof would be in the pudding though, so I ordered some food right then, and came back the next day to try some more. 

Have a listen to my on-air review with Mark Connolly here, or read the CBC web article here to find out how that smoothie (and other things) went down at the Dirtbag Café.

Iced coffee, Dirtbag oatmeal, and the breakfast sammie.