Everything good that I hope to have in a dining experience, I found here: a pleasant room (basic but pretty); easy to get to and plenty of parking; helpful, lovely staff; good value, and of course, great food.

Every time I left, I was already thinking about what I’d have on my return visit.

You can hear my review by clicking this link or read the CBC web article here.

Enjoy the visuals:

Triangle sandwiches and spicy wontons. Get both. Get extra. Also, order the white kimchi. It’s great to have a bit of it with the richer dishes. 

Gua bao (pork belly)

Lu rou fan (pork belly over rice), seaweed soup, deep-fried squid tentacles.

Century egg tofu.

Beef noodle soup.

Sweet potato fries.

Noodles with pan-fried pork.

Pork dumplings.

Popcorn chicken.