Add Kanu to the rapidly growing list of meat-free restaurants setting up in Edmonton—this one part of the group of restaurants connectd with American celeb chef, Matthew Kenney. 

I reviewed five vegan (vegetarian/plant-based) operations this year. In 2017, I reviewed one. 

Listen to my CBC review of Kanu here,  or spend a few minutes reading the web article. 

Have a look at some of the dishes: 

Spicy udon noodles. 
Potatoes with truffle mayo. 
Kimchi dumplings.
A mushroom and vegetable burger with sunflower cheddar, pickles, beetroot ketchup atop a sesame bun. 
Norimato Caesar: vodka, nori, vegetable juice, spices.

Kanu is located at 10803 Jasper Ave. Phone 780-760-5268.