My daughter is in Grade 12. Next year at this time, she will be (fingers crossed) in her first year of university, and I am feeling the pangs of separation anxiety already. The grad committee at her school has asked for a baby picture, so I delved into the picture box and her baby book to find just the right one.

…it is now four hours later. I can’t part with any pictures. It feels like I’m not only giving her picture away, but her as well–I know, I know…its nothing that a bit of therapy won’t help. I did however, come across some quotes that I wrote down in the days when my world revolved around taking pictures of every smile, and every waking (and sleeping) moment of my firstborn.

Some of my favourites quotes from Erin:
When she was three, she wanted to be a fighter pilot and when I told her it was dangerous she said “It okay Mom, I be careful.”

And I knew I had been spending too much time writing because the little parrot (at 4) had this to say in answer to me telling her it was time for a nap: “Not now Mom, I writing.” She didn’t even look up as she continued to scribble crayoned circles on a sheet of paper.

My sister said that her son, Tristan (age 4) told her he loved her more than all the sheep in the world. How adorable is that? He also calls chewing gum “gubble bum” and his cereal, “Porn Cops.” Love that one!

But one of the best things I’ve heard recently is from my neighbours’ kid, Jordan, who, on the drive to playschool, said to her mom, “If I was a booger, would I still go to school?” Jordan is always good for a deep thought.

In two days I will be flying to Comox, BC to take care of my 4 yr old niece and nephew for two weeks. If I survive, I hope to come back with some doozers, but in the meantime, if you’ve got a quotable quip from the mouth of your babe, I’d love to hear it!