A couple of months ago, while doing a book signing at Chapters, I met Terry Fong, the author of Princeton: A love story. Terry is a chicken farmer who wrote about his big ol’ farm dog who had bone cancer. After the diagnosis, Princeton went through chemo and lived longer than any vet ever thought he would. In his waning years, Terry took him on several road trips throughout Canada in an old touring van he named Poseidon. The recollections of these times are as funny as they¬†are deeply beautiful.

Author Terry Fong

Anyone who has owned a pet knows the amount of joy and love these furry friends bring and the amount of pain and sorrow that comes when the animal dies.

Terry wrote this book at night after farm duties, sometimes staying up until two or three in the morning to help fill the hours of insomnia after Princeton died. He told me that this memoir is “a wonderful story about a dog told by a mediocre writer.” He sells himself short. Terry Fong is a gifted writer. It’s been a long time since I laughed out loud and also cried while reading a book.

If you’re thinking of buying a book as a Christmas (or whatever) gift for the animal lover in your life, please support this local author. You can find this book at several Chapters or through Amazon. Honestly, you won’t be sorry.