May 17th is National Caesar Day, and I will most certainly drink to that.

It seems only right that a day be set aside for this ubiquitous Canadian cocktail. There’s even ‘internet evidence’ (take that for what it is) that in 2009, Parliament officially declared the Caesar our national cocktail. Somebody, please fact check that for me while I make myself a drink.

While Mott’s has been the most recognized clamato mix, Jerry Jobe and Dave Simps of Kelowna have created a Caesar mix that should get your attention and a mix that could very well put the boots to Mott’s— an American company, by the way (and always has been).

Simp’s is made of fresh, natural ingredients—no preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings, and all ingredients (save for the lemons) are sourced in Canada. It’s also gluten-free, MSG-free, and vegan.

Read my Eat North article on Simp’s Caesar mix here, and then go out and find some. A retailer’s list can be found on the Simp’s site.