It may be a small convoy that gathers this Saturday in the parking lot of Smokehouse BBQ at 15960 – 109 Avenue, but if this popup launch proves successful, Terry Sept of Smokehouse BBQ says his hope is that more food trucks will join in a second event.

Bully Food Truck and Jackie O’s Street Treats will take their places in individually marked lanes alongside the Smokehouse BBQ truck on May 2 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and this is how customers take part:

  1. Pick the lane of the truck whose food you want to order
  2. Receive a menu from an attendant
  3. Drive up to the truck, place your order and pay
  4. Scoot off to the side and wait
  5. Pick up your food from where it has been set on the table.
  6. Feast!


If you have other people in your car who want food from a different truck, then you have to drive around and repeat the procedure in the other truck’s lane.

And if that makes you huff and puff and think but man, what a waste of time, let me remind you that time is all you have right now—well, time and some delicious food coming to you hot and fast from those trucks—so, buck up, sit back, turn up the tunes, sing out loud and enjoy the afternoon.

FYI: Bully and Smokehouse also offer an extensive selection of takeout items during the week. You need to place your orders on Wednesday for pick-up on Friday. For more info and how to order, please go to their Facebook pages: Smokehouse BBQ and Bully Food Truck 

About the food being served this Saturday, check out these menus and photos below: 

A sample of Bully’s food.

A sample of Smokehouse BBQ’s food.

A sample of Jackie O’s sweet street treats.

Let’s show these trucks a little love so that more food trucks will be enticed to join in on the next popup.

Check these trucks out on Instagram: Smokehouse BBQ, Bully Food Truck and Jackie O’s and see you in the parking lot!