Mimi’s Pub (11403 – 40 Avenue) is an aesthetically pleasing pub/restaurant on Edmonton’s southside. Whenever an independent restaurant opens in an area typically populated with chain restaurants or no restaurants at all, I always get my hopes up that the food will be great and I can mark it down as one of those neighbhourhood gems that make the trek worthwhile.

Mimi’s food needs work. It’s one of those “all over the map” kind of menus: nachos, wings, yakitori, bolognese, kofta, curry chicken pizza. Oy.

For all the details, read my CBC web article at this link.

Pictures below are of the items I tried.

Lamb kofta with salad, focaccia and onion rings.

Lamb kofta with salad, focaccia and onion rings.

Tomato soup with focaccia.

Chicken yakitori with pesto, salad and onion rings.

Shrimp, zucchini and mushroom pizza.

Deep-fried cheese curds with two dips: cilantro vinaigrette and maple syrup.