I’ve had the Thermomix for six weeks. In that time I’ve posted six recipe reviews and methods on this blog, but I’ve used the Thermomix more than that. There just wasn’t enough time to post about everything I tried. So here’s a summary of the other things I learned about the Thermomix:

1. It’s a great spice grinder. At first I used my little battery operated spice grinder to grind the spices for my ostrich roast. It was useless…I used it because I didn’t think the small amount of spices would grind up well in the Thermomix, but after 5 minutes of getting no where with the battery-operated one, I threw the contents into the Thermomix.

In 2 seconds, bam! No problem. I should’ve used it to start with.

2. The Thermomix is THE BEST when it comes to using one bowl to do everything. From the initial chopping of ingredients, to sauteeing right in the bowl, to stirring and cooking all at the same time makes things like this goulash recipe from the My Way of Cooking cookbook, a snap.

And while the stew cooks, you can put your vegetables on top to steam at the same time.

3.  Desserts are a breeze. I didn’t get to make the zabaglione that Valerie raves about but I took a stab at the chocolate mousse. I love being able to chop the chocolate, melt it and let it stir right in the bowl.

Whipping egg whites with the Thermomix butterfly is really a nice feature.

Maybe not the ultimate texture in the end, but the taste was all there! I’ve never been a big dessert maker, but I’d love to try more recipes with this machine. Practise makes perfect, right?

4. The Thermomix can turn anyone pro when it comes to making soup. This is where the machine really excells. One of the best soups I made was the Winter Vegetable Soup from the My Way of Cooking cookbook.
5. Dips, spreads, salad dressings: so easy to make. If you’re throwing a dinner party and you have a bunch of appies to make, you are going to love using the Thermomix. It’s like having another cook in the kitchen.

Cannellini bean spread, so simple!

And you’ll never buy store-bought salad dressings again…this Green Goddess Dressing is to die for:

6. It even made creamed spinach taste good. I made this by altering a recipe I found on the web; pretty easy to do once you get comfortable with the Beast.

7. Drinks and smoothies are a cinch to make, and healthy. You control the sugar and use whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have on hand. The lemonade, especially, is wonderful.

Grind the rock sugar, add the quarters of unpeeled lemon…

Add water…


Nothin’ left but pulp.


Although I bombed at making pasta, I want to take another stab at it. Susan from La Petraia gave me some good advice here in her comment on my posting, and I definitely want to try making brioche that Colleen commented about on my posting about Focaccia.

So, would I buy one? Yes. Absolutely. The price of $1600 may sound steep, but for all this machine can do, I think its worth it. It’s like having 10 appliances in one. The biggest attraction (to me) is the time it saves and the little amount of clean-up you’re left with. Time to start saving my pennies.

Thanks to Valerie (aka Canadian Foodie) for giving me the opportunity to get to know the Thermomix. I enjoyed my time with it and I know my family enjoyed tasting the results!