For such a simple concept, soup is a pretty fascinating dish. I mean, all you do is add bits of things to water and let it all cook and yet the end result is something beautiful, nourishing and complex. Soup reflects culture, history and the land. A bowl of soup has alot to say.

If I had to choose a favourite food to eat for the rest of my days, I would choose soup with the caveat that there would be no cultural limits imposed. That’s the great thing about soup—every culture has a specialty bowl, so there would definitely be enough choice to keep it interesting.

20 of the 276 pictures of soup I took in 2019.

Anyway, you get how I feel about the subject, so when I zeroed in on Dagu Rice Noodle, a chain restaurant that specialized in, you guessed it—soup—I was somewhat sceptical as to how it would go.

Turns out, the experience(s) went way better than expected. You can read my CBC web article for all the details. The audio link to the review is in the article, and below, are some photos of what I tried.

Braised bone-in beef soup

Crispy pork with Sichuan pepper.

Sour and spicy soup with XiangXi pulled beef and salty, crispy chicken

Cheese watermelon drink

Dagu is located at 10408 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton.